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All school admission applications must be made to:

Admission and Pupil Placing Team

Zone 2E

Civic Centre

Darwall Street

Walsall WS1 1TP

Contact number: 01922 652585

Nursery age applying for a primary school place should be completed in January. Parents are notified in March of their place.

Click the link below for primary school admissions:

Primary age applying for a secondary school place must make their application by 31st October. Information is given out to the parent/child by the second week of September. Parents are notified in April of their place.

Click the link below for secondary school admissions:

Mid-year admission applications: If you want your child to move to a different school, for example if you move house, then you can apply at any time during the year. Your child will remain on roll at their current school until a new place is allocated. Please note you must re-apply after every full term (September, January and after Easter).

Click the link below for mid-year admissions.

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