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Music is taught weekly in classes.  Our lessons focus on 6 progressional skills:


  1. Play and Perform

  2. Improvise and Compose

  3. Listen with attention to detail

  4. Appreciate a range of music

  5. Understand and use staff notation

  6. Develop an understanding of the history of music


Multi-Media Suite (MMS)

We are fortunate to have a purpose-built room that contains all music equipment.  Pupils can use the recording studio to record music, singing etc.  They can replay and listen with attention then reflect and make improvements.

We have a full range of percussion instruments and tuned instruments including xylophones, recorders, keyboards, guitars, chime bars and tuned bells. There is also a full drum kit and rhythm practise pads.


School Concerts and Shows

Every year, pupils have several opportunities to learn to sing and use their voices to perform in-front of an audience. We have annual Christmas productions and every two years we perform a whole school concert.  Previous concerts have included:

  • Live Aid 2015: 30 years on – we raised £1,000 and donated to support victims of Haiti Natural disaster

  • Childline 2018 – all money raised was donated to Childline

  • Mental Health Concert 2020 – we are performing songs and raising awareness of mental health issues

During the alternate years we hold a talent competition ‘Pinfold’s Got Talent’.  Pupils use a range of musical skills including singing, rapping and moving to music.

  • Rocksteady - 20 pupils are currently learning to play an instrument and be part of a band

  • Drum lessons

  • Digital music

  • Stringcredibles – String quartet of CBSO musicians

  • School choir – after-school club that runs all year

  • Pinfold’s Got Talent

  • Music through topics

Continuous Professional Development

Purchased Charanga to support staff when planning and delivering lessons

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