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Our Values and Ethos

Pinfold Street is a place where everyone feels welcome and part of the Pinfold community.    We base all decisions on our key question: how will this benefit our pupils? All of our staff are dedicated to providing the pupils of Pinfold Street with the very best they can.  Our whole curriculum and school building has been designed around equipping pupils with what they need for life.

Our core values are built around the word RESPECT

taking responsibility for their actions, how they react in situations and striving to lead a physically and mentally healthy and active lifestyle


trying their very best in all lessons to enable pupils to access ‘life’

using their ‘Learning Powers’


developing emotional, social and communication skills and strategies

to succeed


having a sense of pride in themselves and everything they do in school, at home and in the local area


setting high expectations of themselves through a growth mindset


being a ‘morally good citizen’ and taking an active role in the

community to make improvements


showing respect equally to themselves and others, building healthy relationships and showing honesty, integrity, kindness and tolerance.


Through our core values and mission statement,
we ensure our pupils are
‘Prepared for Life’
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