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School Council

At Pinfold Street Primary School, we are proud to have pupil representatives from every class. The role of the council is to provide pupil voice and to provide a platform for children to be involved in decisions that affect them in school. Through our school council, all pupils have the opportunity to raise issues, share ideas and take part in discussions that involve classmates in reaching a democratic solution. Pupils at Pinfold know that this is their school and that their thoughts and opinions matter.

The Role of the School Council at Pinfold Street:

- Every year a vote is held in school for each class to choose their council representative. The children have to apply to be on the council and write a personal statement; the children then create an election speech explaining why they should represent their class.

- We hold an election day in school where the children get the opportunity to fill in voting forms and post their votes into the ballot box. We try to closely replicate a genuine voting experience for the children.

- Once all the representatives have been selected, the council nominate a chair, vice chair and secretary. The role of the chair is to lead the meetings.

- Meetings are held every half term and a detailed agenda is provided for each meeting with key points raised and discussed.

- The council representatives are provided with a log book and pencil to jot down any issues raised during the time in-between meetings. These are then discussed as ‘any other business’ items.

- The outcome of the meetings is minuted by the secretary and the council representatives feedback key messages to their classes.

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