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Building Learning Power - BLP

What is Building Learning Power?

At Pinfold Street, we place learning at the heart of all that we do. Building Learning Power is about helping young people to become better learners, both inside and outside of school. We want to equip the children with the skills, techniques and vocabulary to talk about their learning more effectively.  Children can learn to be better learners and having this common learning language in school helps to promote that. Students who are more confident about their own learning ability, and who can talk about their learning, often learn faster and better.  

BLP is centred around four key learning principles and we promote these in school by using BLP mascots. Staff and children use this language daily when talking about learning and how to improve learning.


The four (4 Rs) principles are:  

Roxy the Resilient Fox.png
School Mascot - Roxy the Resilient Fox

Managing distractions – creating the best learning environment


Absorption – losing yourself in learning


Perseverance – keep going when things are difficult


Noticing – recognises patterns, rules and differences

Relationship Rebecca.png
School Mascot - Relationship Rebecca

Independence – learning on your own


Collaboration – working well with others


Empathy and listening – listening to and understanding others


Imitation – useful copying

Ronnie the Owl.jpg
School Mascot - Ronnie the Owl

Questioning – asking valid questions


Making links – linking previous learning

Imagining – wondering what if


Reasoning – working things out methodically

Rocky the Hedgehog.jpg
School Mascot - Rocky the Hedgehog

Planning – thinking about what to do and where to go with learning


Revising – being flexible and changing plans when necessary


Meta-learning – knowing how you learn best and the process of learning


Distilling information – pulling out the important information

Children are encouraged to flex their learning muscles in lessons and positive work in these areas is rewarded through BLP certificates, which are awarded in Friday assemblies. It would be great if you could use this common language at home when discussing learning with your child.   

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