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Staff Wellbeing

Fixed PPA slot with covered lessons planned by the PPA teacher


Having a fixed PPA slot will help teachers to plan and organise their roles and responsibilities. The fixed time slot will alleviate any problems caused by changed time. English and maths subject leaders are available at certain times in the week and after school to support staff with planning.

In addition to this, the PPA teacher will plan, deliver, mark, assess and write report comments for the subjects covered (usually R.E., French and/or music)

Administration Tasks


TA working days start before children enter school. Each year group has an assigned member of staff to complete admin tasks for the teachers.

Monitoring Process


We believe that the best way to improve teaching and learning is to work with teachers and have a shared responsibility for this. We adopted this approach after observing how the shanghai teachers develop their own teaching.

‘If only I plan and deliver the lessons, my pupils will only receive what I am good at’
‘If we plan and deliver the lessons, my pupils will receive what we are good at’

Marking Review 

A working party conducted research into the impact of marking and the biggest indicators of learning. Teachers in Year 5 (Summer/Autumn 18) and in Year 1 (Autumn 18) trialled our new approaches to marking. Together with SLT, we then organised how we thought we should amend our marking policy. This was shared with staff in January 19. The marking approached was refined through a collaborative approach so that all teachers had ownership.

We feel that our marking policy reduced unnecessary workload and increased responsibility of the pupils.

Schools Advisory Services (insurance) 

We purchase annual insurance with SAS to cover staff absences. As part of this insurance, staff can access counselling, therapy, physio, hospital procedures etc.

Report Writing

The report content and structure was amended to provide parents with more information, yet reducing teacher workload.

Events during the Week


Since September 2019, every school event that takes place after school will be on Wednesdays, which is our dedicated after school directed time.

Diary Dates

To help staff organise their working week, the school diary was planned for the whole year. The majority of events already organised. Events were distributed evenly across the year (where possible) to prevent overloading.

Friday Freedom


Every term, full-time teachers, pastoral staff and HLTAs can request one Friday afternoon off. This must be organised in advance and dependent upon need in school (must be covered internally).

Supportive of external issues


Wherever possible we will strive to allow time for emergency issues or valuable family events.

Agreed: October 2019

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