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Design and Technology

Design and technology is taught in each year group following the design, make, evaluate process.


Food – preparing fruit and vegetables, healthy and varied diet, celebrating seasonality and culture.


Textiles & Materials – templates and joining techniques, 2D shape to 3D product and combining different fabric shapes.


Mechanics – sliders and levers, wheels and axels, levers, linkages, pulleys/gears, electrical switches and circuits.


Construction - freestanding structures, shell structures (including computer-aided design) and frame structures.


Food Technology Room

We have a room created with equipment and resources to enable full access to the curriculum.


Take-home Projects

Our DT curriculum is enhanced through topics linking to history and geography.  Each term, pupils are given a project title for which they can create something at home, promoting family time and creativity. Projects vary from PowerPoint presentations, information texts both handwritten and typed, creative based, eg making a Viking longboat/settlement.


Bold = National curriculum breadth

Other = school breadth

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