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The physical education curriculum is currently being re-written to ensure there is a clear progression of skills.  The coordinator is attending a 5 day CPD programme and, upon completion, will be a fully trained Sports Coach.



The school is surrounded by canals therefore it is such an important life skill for our pupils to be able to swim.  During 2020 we have increased the amount of pupils that go swimming.


Equipment and Resources

We have a vast range of equipment that can be used in P.E. lessons: hoops, quiots, beanbags, cones, range of balls, javelins, hurdles, bounce mats, gymnastic mats, space hoppers, team-building equipment.

We have all the necessary equipment to play the following sports: hockey, tennis, golf, football, netball, basketball, bocce ball, dodgeball, rounders, benchball, gymnastics, dance, CyberCoach and athletics.


After-School Clubs

Every term there is an extra-curricular programme of after-school clubs available to pupils from Reception to Year 6.  Some of the clubs are planned to provide further opportunities for pupils to take part in physical activity e.g. street dance, ballroom dancing, dodgeball, multi-skills, gardening and gymnastics.


Sports days

Each year group has their own Sports Day event.  This enables all pupils to compete in every sporting event.


School Teams

We have a football team with pupils from Y5 and Y6.  The team competes in the Darlaston Football league.

  • Sport Relief – inspiration Para-Olympian

  • Army Day – Y4, Y5 & Y6 will complete drills and complete and inflatable assault course

  • Yoga in Reception, Y1 and Y6

  • Manchester United & Aston Villa football match and grounds visit


Continuous Professional Development
  • Sports Coach – models teaching then observes teaching and gives feedback

  • INSET day on obesity and how to teach gymnastics safely

  • CPD for co-ordinator

To read more about how we promote a physically active lifestyle, click here.

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