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  • Each class (Y1-6) has a timetabled lesson of at least 1 hour per week.

  • The four ‘larger’ religions (Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism) are addressed in detail but links are made to the ‘smaller’ groups of significant faith communities, which include, Jews, Jains and Buddhists.


  • At Pinfold Street, we follow the Walsall Agreed Syllabus. This syllabus promotes understanding between all people and allows an understanding of different faiths and beliefs. We aim to develop the skills and attitudes of our pupils through exploration of wider issues of religion and belief. We prepare the children for active citizenship in a diverse and changing world. All children are allowed to share their experiences and to learn from one another. Our pupils explore their beliefs, values and traditions, and those of others, in a fun and engaging way. We support the children to develop attitudes of respect towards people from all religions. Our flexible approach helps the children to achieve highly and feel confident in their learning.

  • The table below shows what is taught in each year group:

RE Timetable.png
  • The RE lessons include PowerPoints, interactive whiteboard activities, craft, writing activities, role play, handling artefacts, paper based activities, researching and presenting ideas There are also opportunities to visit local religious buildings and engage with religious people in our community.

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