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Teaching of Phonic Skills – Read Write Inc.


  • At Pinfold Street, our aim is for all pupils to read fluently, confidently and choose to read for pleasure.  We use Read Write Inc Phonics (RWI) to give your child the best possible start on their reading journey. RWI is a phonics programme developed by Ruth Miskin. If you would like to read more about it, click here. Mrs Wilkinson is our RWI Manager who can answer any questions about the teaching of phonics and RWI.


  • Read Write Inc sessions are taught in phonic ability groups. We follow the structure and plan of the programme. Mrs Wilkinson, our RWI Manager, delivers regular training sessions and supports staff. 


  • The expectations below are structured to ensure that the pupils who join our school with no prior phonic knowledge move through the teaching of phonics at a rate in which the teaching and learning can be embedded. Also the pupils will remain on track to be taught all sounds by the end of Year 1 where the Phonics Screening Check will take place. 


  • For groups of pupils join our school with some phonic knowledge. These pupils will begin at the appropriate phase.  Some pupils will grasp the sounds quickly and move at a more rapid pace. Other pupils will find learning and remembering the sounds more difficult and will move through the sounds at a pace which matches their needs.

Phonics Table Image.PNG
  • Monitoring is carried out on a weekly basis. Wobbly Wallet forms are completed for pupils who need additional support to maintain the pace of the group. Acceleration Wallets forms are completed for pupils who are making good progress who can have additional teaching to enable them to be fast tracked to a higher group. RWI sessions are delivered to smaller groups of pupils, we have created teaching spaces and resourced them.

  • We run regular workshops for parents to share our aims and approach to teaching reading. We also invite parents to join in phonics lessons with their children. We encourage families to use the RWI resources with children at home by going on the RWI website or on the YouTube channel

  • From September 2020, we will provide a Pinfold book bag with RWI resources to enable parents to support with helping their child to read.

Phonics Image.png
  • Click here to view the structure of phonics and reading lessons throughout the whole school.

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